A short story about a dinosaur, a doctor, and her strange machine.

Background music by 魔王魂
Dinosaur skeleton image from Wikimedia Commons
javascript dialog hack by Sean LeBlanc
image to bitsy HD by ruin

Made in bitsy HD.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(155 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Bitsy, Narrative, Pixel Art, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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What a little treat ! I especially loved the first reveal we see of the dinosaur and the slow revelation of what exactly is going on. Very nice game :3

I love the Hungry Caterpillar reference. :)

Beautiful art


Really good game. Made me cry. Thank you.


My favorite Bitsy game so far. The message was very poignant.


Received leadership training by talking with a fossil. 10/10


ok i really like this and i want to say things but i cant put my emotions into proper words soammcsdkjkcsmkjdfmvckdfokmvdsnfkjvmdsfnjkvcndmsjcxsndj


soammcsdkjkcsmkjdfmvckdfokmvdsnfkjvmdsfnjkvcndmsjcxsndj indeed


Very unique premise, works really well with the story and characters and makes the game feel really rich despite it being so short and simple. Great job!


most relatable part is when the partner said they read wiki instead of paying attention in class


simple and sweet :')

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Didn't know I would enjoy it as much as I do. Very beautiful story.

They grow weed in their house lmaooo


this was lovely :)


Wow, I wasn't expecting to cry, but that was so beautiful. Thank you.


So wonderful. Very elegant storytelling.


And to think this wasn't made before The Change... There is so much hope in this. Thank you. We'll keep going. Day by day.


This rules


absolutely brutalized me. bawling in bed with the lights out at 1am playing this game. the way the narrative unfolds bit (heh) by bit is devastatingly effective, and the simplicity of the game's presentation belies the depth of its emotional themes. dr. signal's strange machine honestly helped me find my hope in the dying world we're living in now; no small feat. i can't wait to see what you do with these narrative design chops next.

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You know, it's things like this that make me love indie games. When I stumbled on this from the game randomizer, and saw that it was a black and white pixel game with no movement animations, I was ready for another baby's first game jam sort of thing. Never in a million years would I of thought that it would be something that literally moved me to tears. The subtle story telling with how you come to the conclusion yourself that something has gone wrong in the world. The scientist trying to find answers in a creature that probably can't even comprehend their world, much less give advice for it, but is still able to find bravery and motivation through them. The parallels between a t-rex looking up at the sky and a human looking up at the stars, always wishing for something that is out of reach, but knowing that their children will one day experience it themselves. This shit is magical.

The thing that makes me love this, and love the indie game genre, is how you will never know what you will stumble across. You will never know if a game is as basic and primitive as it seems from the get go, or if it will blow your expectations right out of the water. And I think that is what makes gems like these all the more brighter. Thank you for this wonderful game, and for being part of this wonderful community.

Edit: No wonder I liked this game so much, it's from the same dev who made Red Trees. I adore the work you put into your games, and the fantastic storytelling in them.


A sad story but a very human one about struggling onward in the face of adversity.


great artwork and music. the perspective changes were neat too. kinda cool to see the dinosaur wasn't the focus of the game. i never found out who was eating the fruit. excellent bitsy game

Loved the story!

why is my laptop fan screaming 

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that's one smart dino


Hi! Just wondering.. What do you use in making games? I really love your game Red Trees! Keep it up!

This game is awesome! Thank you so much for making it! I love the wise dinosaur and the deep message behind his words. Really beautiful, both the graphics and the story. :')

Great game, a very deep message. Love'd everything about it. Keep up the great work. 

Is there anything past the elevator? If so, how do you get there? Either way, great game!!! Very visually appealing

I just went down and it opened

Will you put up a downloadable version for Windows?


the music is so beautiful, the graphics are too


This is genuinely so beautiful. I don't know what else to say but I love it

Enjoyed it! Found a bug though. After speaking to the dino a second time, I walked into the corridor full of doors and accidentally went back a screen. When I returned to the corridor of doors, it had reset to before speaking to the dino the first time.


Whoops! I think I've fixed it now. Thank you for letting me know.

Nice little story, thank you!


Awesome artstyle and music. At first I thought it was gonna be a small little story about the dinosaur's life but once I got to the greenhouse it hit me, I finally understood what was going on. An incredible job with some really artistic moments. The zig-zag design of the stairs, the windows prior to the greenhouse, little details that enhance this small masterpiece. 

Yet chairs are too big :)

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Masterful. Every bit of this is so finely-crafted. 

When I played it the music track just happened to end at precisely the point where the last conversation with the dinosaur had ended. I had to know if this was intentional so I speedran it and that's where it ended again. So I just didn't notice it looping the first time around. Another run-through confirmed it was a coincidence, but still... poignant.


Delightful, bittersweet experience. Thank you for releasing this!


Wonderful! That's some great design, and the story... i love it!