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What a nice game, so cute

cute ending ^^ love it!

This was so fun! The color scheme is amazing :) I especially loved the end.


Loved the artstyle, color palete,game style, storyline and characters!!!

I would love a second part or a longer version. <3

My game doesnt work

but its okay:,) gonna watch a gameplay of it

also very cool colors


Nice and simple, cute and stylized, thematically coherent and all together wonderful.
I loved it!


HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language, and your game looks great. :) 


I thought this game was so cute and I really loved the puzzles!

Warning: This is a long essay of appreciation ~
Ah I loved the concept of the game and how the protagonist navigated throughout the story just the monster she adored. This game feels really nostalgic because of its art style and whole concept. I love the humor and the random puns throughout the story but looking closely its kinda sad. Looking at all of the references hinting about many people being sad or lonely or coping with problems, aside from the cute and aesthetic storyline the game does not fail to remind us all about the sad reality of life. Also I love how everything that happens or every item you obtain is connected to someone somehow it makes the experience even more dynamic. Thankyou so much to the developer for making such an authentic game. (PS So happy to see lgbt references ^^ and the kiss squeee (≧▽≦)

Ok I haven't even played this yet but by looking at the description and the art I'm already all over it (≧▽≦) I'll make sure to post another comment, sharing my feedback after I'm done playing the game.

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oh my this game IS SO CUTE ISTG

OMG SO CUUTEEE!!! I messed up once on the witch's mission, but I restarted because those poor flowers lol. The little kiss was cute and the reason why Red wanted to go into the forest *chefs kiss*. I love the fact that if you take the chance and explore and revisit people things sometimes change, or they have some new dialogue for example if you talk to people with the cat following you or when you revisit the guy that was moving, him and his stuff isn't there anymore. The game mechanics were really easy as well considering it was just the space bar to interact and the arrow keys. Also, not only was the kiss at the end gay but like there was also like the girls holding hands in the upper part of town and the two boys ahhh I loved this! You did a great job!

I played this among a few others in a video! it was my favourite!!

Hi there, this was a lovely little game! Well done on the art and music, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!


loved it. i think the flowers were just a tad TOO thirsty tho ;3

A really wholesome cute game! I loved the color pallet and the ending was really sweet and unexpected. Great job!


I loved this game it was super cute and so interactive!!!




Red Trees is a super cute game and was nice to play despite it being short (understandably for a free/name your price game). The art is sweet, the concept is really good and the music was extremely well done. The only thing is that I wish there was a bit more variety in the puzzles because the game very much felt like a fetch quest for a lot of it,  this however didn't take away from my enjoyment of the plot and would heavily recommend to anyone who wants a short RPG maker game with a sweet storyline.

such a lovely game! really loved the colors and music <3

aww this was lovely <3


first is colorful, second is good story, and last is CUTEEE. Love this game. thank you caramel because you made me melt like caramel in this game >///<

This game was very wholesome and cute. I really enjoyed it.


Seems cute, wasn't able to get past the opening text as I play with WASD, but if there is ever an update that includes support for WASD/Mouse I would be down to try again. Keep up the good work.


very cute game! short but so cute and interesting!


this is really sweet and heartwarming game! the art is very cozy and warm, and the music reflects that too. it was a lovely adventure!

Summary: Awwwwww!!!!!!!!

This game is so sweet!

such a good game!!

totally recommend :)

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I love the game so much! I also loved the moral of the story, Btw I bought the Red Trees EN and it took me 2 days to complete. Also, can you guys let me know how to solve the cat, bunny, and flowers riddle? At the forest?

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I don't think that riddle has a solution? 

I did all I could solving, the only safe way to do the first move is to take the bunny to the other side. But if you do that you can't bring anything else to the other side, so I guess you were meant to not solve the riddle after all.

b=bunny c=cat f=flowers

losing conditions: CB & BF

witch's side other side
   C F B

First of all, bring the bunny to the other side, return with nothing, then take the flowers/cat to the other side. After that, bring the bunny back, take the cat/flowers to the other side, return with nothing, get the bunny to the other side. The witch will give you an item that will get you an extra cutscene when you meet "that".

I really like the story, especially the moral message it conveys. The art is also good and pleasing to the eye. Overall is good. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

Adorable art style and cute story! Even though its short, you wont regret downloading this free game if you like retro styled cute things like this.

Me encanto el juego no es super largo como algunos otros que eh jugado pero esta muy bien hecho y me encanto el final <D

Is there a way to extract the music?

If you go to the folder where you extracted the game you'll find all of the music in /Data/Audio/BGM/. The tracks with names that don't start with capital letters are the tracks from the game.


Every item has cute flavor text, 10/10. 
Red Trees isn't as heavy and emotional as some of Caramel's other stuff, but it is a good deal longer, and it's incredibly charming to boot. Also I want to pinch the cheeks of this artstyle.


it looks like the type of game i'd play and i was really excited when it finished downloading. but the thing is, i scanned it before unzipping on virustotal and i got 1 thing that got flagged "Zoner Probably Heur.ExeHeaderH" am i the only one who has experienced this?

hey did you download it  yet ?? 

please answer !! 

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Heur.ExeHeaderH on virus total says Ad-Aware on my download also, i check both the art book and the game. I did not open any of the files!!! Just dragged them to virus total and did a microsoft defender scan. 

Only the game seems infected, the art book is clean, but only virus total found the @virus. Its strange how the other comments dont mention this. 

Sucks since the game seemed to have a nice art style, i deleted my files instead. Not worth the risk.


RPG Maker games have a long tendency of throwing up false positives with certain antiviruses, it is not unique to Red Trees and is common among all games made with this engine. See:

Game has otherwise been sitting comfy on since 2016 without issue. You're fine.


I can assure you that the game does not contain any viruses or malicious software. I just went to check for myself, as it's not something I have used before, and VirusTotal is a service which aggregates over 60 different antivirus services and scans the uploaded file with each one individually. In the case of Red Trees, only one of these 60+ services throws up a warning for potentially malicious software. This indicates a false positive. In the case of truly malicious software you would be looking for detection across the board from several different services.

False positives are not uncommon for games made in this engine (RPG Maker) and more broadly for all sorts of software being scanned through VirusTotal. VT even say so themselves and offer an entire paid service for developers looking to mitigate the risk of false positives.


this is very relieving to know since i really want to play this ahahaha thank you so much for replying and to the others as well!! i'll definitely try out the game now~ :D


I LOVED THIS GAME! I really hope you do a lot lot more. HONESTLY, I gushed the entire time I played it. the limited color palette and a simple but heartfelt story, it was so good. I do wish it was longer than it is just so i could just some more but it really was wonderful. 

i was expecting it to become something scary but in the end it was still super cute, i love the character designs and the art is adorable i love this game so much<3

a lovely experience! the art was adorable, the story was charming, the music was pleasing. i will be buying the mini art book and art collection at some point, likely in november after an upcoming trip ^^ but maybe sooner! who knows

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