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Plot twist of the century, 11/10. Shame about those poor bunnies though, plus Carter moving away. Hope Benjamin goes to therapy soon.

How can I keep the game archive

Cute ! I loved playing this game ! 


please Chinese!!!!!




话说应该是Chinese pleace...?


Hi, I played your game. It's so relaxing and emotional , I enjoyed it, I have an offer for you I am studying English-Turkish Translation and Interpretation If you wish, I can translate whole texts into Turkish so you can reach more players. I don't want payment, just want to be part of a game, gain experience and be known more as a translator 😅 You can reach me via this email address: Thanks for time!

Hello Caramel, as a young translator, I'm lookinf for indie games to localize. I would be glad to translate Red Trees in french. Would you be interested ?


Very cute game! I really liked the ending and all the characters are rememberable even if just a little!


Loved it! This was a great game, really impressive for being your first!

Loved the story and symbolism, loooved the palette, loved the unique menu, loved the characters. The ending was so sweet :')

I got the mini art book as well, it was interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at this project.

Feeling super inspired! Thank you for making Red Trees!

wait for mac version TwT


Absolutely amazing!!! :)

I had my eye on this game for awhile and finally got around to playing it. I was not disappointed! The art, mustic, and story was just superb. Thank you so much for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube, if you'd like to check it out in another tab then click this link!

this was really good but it was too short keep up the good work


I kinda want to see him beg tho-

Here's my video.

Played this game and it was really cute! Thank you for  creating this game!


I really enjoyed playing this game, the characters have a great personality and the LOG option in the menu makes you appreciate them even more, the story is amazing, it's really to fun to explore the various places you go trough the game, and overall i think the pixel art of this game is really gorgeous. Conclusion: this an easy 10 out of 10 for me, more people need to experience this game. 


very cute game,its very good to you that want to distract yourself,kinda short but i recommend it


its dark and cute, i love it! <3


Why can't i claim this? Don't currently have access to a computer so I can't download it now and by the time I do, I'll probably have forgotten about this. Shame as i want to play it


What a nice game, so cute

cute ending ^^ love it!


This was so fun! The color scheme is amazing :) I especially loved the end.


Loved the artstyle, color palete,game style, storyline and characters!!!

I would love a second part or a longer version. <3

My game doesnt work

but its okay:,) gonna watch a gameplay of it

also very cool colors


Nice and simple, cute and stylized, thematically coherent and all together wonderful.
I loved it!


HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language, and your game looks great. :) 


I thought this game was so cute and I really loved the puzzles!

Warning: This is a long essay of appreciation ~
Ah I loved the concept of the game and how the protagonist navigated throughout the story just the monster she adored. This game feels really nostalgic because of its art style and whole concept. I love the humor and the random puns throughout the story but looking closely its kinda sad. Looking at all of the references hinting about many people being sad or lonely or coping with problems, aside from the cute and aesthetic storyline the game does not fail to remind us all about the sad reality of life. Also I love how everything that happens or every item you obtain is connected to someone somehow it makes the experience even more dynamic. Thankyou so much to the developer for making such an authentic game. (PS So happy to see lgbt references ^^ and the kiss squeee (≧▽≦)

Ok I haven't even played this yet but by looking at the description and the art I'm already all over it (≧▽≦) I'll make sure to post another comment, sharing my feedback after I'm done playing the game.

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oh my this game IS SO CUTE ISTG


OMG SO CUUTEEE!!! I messed up once on the witch's mission, but I restarted because those poor flowers lol. The little kiss was cute and the reason why Red wanted to go into the forest *chefs kiss*. I love the fact that if you take the chance and explore and revisit people things sometimes change, or they have some new dialogue for example if you talk to people with the cat following you or when you revisit the guy that was moving, him and his stuff isn't there anymore. The game mechanics were really easy as well considering it was just the space bar to interact and the arrow keys. Also, not only was the kiss at the end gay but like there was also like the girls holding hands in the upper part of town and the two boys ahhh I loved this! You did a great job!


I played this among a few others in a video! it was my favourite!!

Hi there, this was a lovely little game! Well done on the art and music, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!


loved it. i think the flowers were just a tad TOO thirsty tho ;3

A really wholesome cute game! I loved the color pallet and the ending was really sweet and unexpected. Great job!


I loved this game it was super cute and so interactive!!!




Red Trees is a super cute game and was nice to play despite it being short (understandably for a free/name your price game). The art is sweet, the concept is really good and the music was extremely well done. The only thing is that I wish there was a bit more variety in the puzzles because the game very much felt like a fetch quest for a lot of it,  this however didn't take away from my enjoyment of the plot and would heavily recommend to anyone who wants a short RPG maker game with a sweet storyline.

such a lovely game! really loved the colors and music <3

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