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In a small town encircled by trees, mysterious events are unfolding. Pet rabbits are going missing, people have been injured, and the townsfolk are whispering about something lurking in the woods... Since none of the adults want to do anything about this, it's going to be up to you to get to the bottom of it.

Before you can do that, however, simply getting into the woods might be a problem.

Red Trees is an RPG Maker adventure game originally released in July 2016. This update, Version 1.5, has been created in celebration of its third anniversary. It contains all new music, updated dialogue, and significant gameplay improvements.

For the optimal experience, please play this game in a well-lit room with a warm cup of tea at hand.

The following translations are also available courtesy of some very kind volunteers. At present, these are all for the original 2016 version of the game.


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Red Trees Mini Art Book + Art Collection.zip (contains spoilers!) 12 MB
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I played the original version in 2016, so this updated version is a pleasant surprise! Thank you for making this game, it's a fun, cute time. 


This game surprised me, Im so happy. Thank you, honestly I'm really happy, it was so sweet.

I enjoyed playing, took about an hour without running using the shift key (lol forgot my controls). Very straight forward and funny characters. Hope there ,ight be a chance of a sequel from the end characters POV (dont want to spoil for others).

this game was incredibly fun to play!! A lot of the scripts were really funny, especially the labels in the town hall. Sometimes I got stuck on who to trade the items with, but the log information really helped point me in the right direction.All the character designs were also very cute <3

Oh my gosh I loved this so so much! I can't wait to see more stuff from you!


ohhhhh this game is so wonderful! i love everything about it! the ending was exactly what i'd hoped for too <3 GREAT WORK!!!!

Lovely game!! The dialogue and ending. GAH! <3

What a lovely experience! The dialogue in this game was fun and interesting. The music was beautiful. The art was beautiful. Thank you for this game! 

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Red Trees is a wonderful game!
The dialogue between Artemis and the citizens is a lot of fun and sometimes quite impactful, both the description of the key items and the background objects are hilarious, the songs adapt very well to the scenes, and the graphic is very cute!
Thanks so much for this awesome game! :3


Red Trees é um jogo maravilhoso!
O diálogo entre Artemis e os cidadãos é muito divertido e algumas vezes bastante impactante, tanto a descrição dos "key items" quanto dos objetos de fundo são hilárias, as músicas se adaptam muito bem aos cenários, e o gráfico é muito fofo!
Muito obrigado por esse jogo incrível! :3

RPG Maker adventure games are my favorite, and this is definitely one of the best ones out there!

This is one of the cutest games I've ever played! I loved the cute graphics and funny responses. Great game! :3

Honestly, such a great little game! Thank you for the experience!!

It was a really cool little game ! I liked the graphics, the cute pixelart style and the writting that made me smile and release a laughter. The game was neither too long nor too short, i finished it in one go and in my opinion that's enough. The story is also great and cute :)

I really recommend this game !

I really love this game!! What engine did you use?

Thank you!! Red Trees was made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

  • Cute pixel art  
  • Good flavortext for examining objects
  • Yuri

This game was made for me.

Amazing!! I love the graphics, and it's THE BEST!!!!!!