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In a small town encircled by trees, mysterious events are unfolding. Pet rabbits are going missing, people have been injured, and the townsfolk are whispering about something lurking in the woods... Since none of the adults want to do anything about this, it's going to be up to you to get to the bottom of it.

Before you can do that, however, simply getting into the woods might be a problem.

Red Trees is an RPG Maker adventure game originally released in July 2016. This update, Version 1.5, has been created in celebration of its third anniversary. It contains all new music, updated dialogue, and significant gameplay improvements.

For the optimal experience, please play this game in a well-lit room with a warm cup of tea at hand.

The following translations are also available courtesy of some very kind volunteers. At present, these are all for the original 2016 version of the game.

The game's French translation was contributed by Apolline Descy.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(507 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Cute, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Short, Singleplayer, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, French


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Red Trees Mini Art Book + Art Collection.zip (contains spoilers!) 16 MB
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question how did you make the sprites?

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Очень милая игра, единмтвенное шифта очень не хватает, и диалогов мало, да и она слишком простые, но довольно неплохо.

Will there be gamepad support? 

10/10 great game 

nice game!


I loved the cozy music and the fact that it only used 4 colors was so cool :)


adorable game. I love how depressed everyone are.


nice game i love it!


Nice game! I really loved my time with it :)


The artstyle is simple but really good

(1 edit) (+1)

I like how every character seems to have thier own personality. In some other games side characters can exist for a sole purpose of fullfilling a certian task and they may possibly not even have a name. This game is not like that, which is good. Overall I liked this game because it was cute and sometimes funny.


how many ends it has?


this game is really nice!!


Really sweet and cool game. Nice ending as well, and interesting how despite being a "witch", they didnt broke any of nature's law. Also cool how not everything was "fixed", like the brother's relationship. Realistic. Anyway, great game!


Loved the game and the ending, a good reminder to think and perceive memories more positively :)


i loooved this game!!! its so cute and chill, i was expecting more scares but i am not dissapointed at all! 


Very cool artstyle and music :D


Loved this so much! Adorable art, great gameplay, and the music especially was so awesome :D


very cute sweet nice game :3 ill b tuning in to see more from u ehe ^_^


great expectative about them gameplay


No Commentary Gameplay

Unfortunately it seems my keyboard doesn't like the game. I get stuck in a wall immediately and can only turn around but cant move. If I open the options menu it also  bugs and cant close it...  Assuming its a ME issue the game looks adorable !

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Hey, there's an rpgmaker plugin that might fix this, it happens to me in random games


Omg sorry I took UUUhhhhh 141 days to reply hah. but ill try it now ! Seems like I have to install the maker to enable the plug in? I only normally download the games and run...


truly an amazing game! i also really enjoyed the representation as well!

How can I lower the game volume?


Loved it<3 adorable and very gRaTeFuL ( ;) ) you made this game!! thankyouu

Wish we could claim game as I don't have access to pc now so I can't download it


-Great art style

-Calm music

-Cute characters

-Nice jokes here and there

-And great short story 

excellent work


quiero jugarlo pero no encuentro la traducción al español TT-TT


eso mismo pensé. . .unu

I loved this game so much!! very wholesome and very nice to explore! at every moment i was very curious about the mistery about what was the monster, and the dialogs are so well written!

i also loved the pokemon crystal house reference XD 10/10

really lovely game!! the art style is so cute and i love how all the characters have a distinguished personality it's adorable, seriously 10/10

Cool world and art-style, thanks for the game!




Plot twist of the century, 11/10. Shame about those poor bunnies though, plus Carter moving away. Hope Benjamin goes to therapy soon.

How can I keep the game archive

Cute ! I loved playing this game ! 


please Chinese!!!!!




话说应该是Chinese pleace...?


Hi, I played your game. It's so relaxing and emotional , I enjoyed it, I have an offer for you I am studying English-Turkish Translation and Interpretation If you wish, I can translate whole texts into Turkish so you can reach more players. I don't want payment, just want to be part of a game, gain experience and be known more as a translator 😅 You can reach me via this email address: meliksahcivitt@gmail.com Thanks for time!

Hello Caramel, as a young translator, I'm lookinf for indie games to localize. I would be glad to translate Red Trees in french. Would you be interested ?


Very cute game! I really liked the ending and all the characters are rememberable even if just a little!

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