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In a small town encircled by trees, mysterious events are unfolding. Pet rabbits are going missing, people have been injured, and the townsfolk are whispering about something lurking in the woods... Since none of the adults want to do anything about this, it's going to be up to you to get to the bottom of it.

Before you can do that, however, simply getting into the woods might be a problem.

Red Trees is an RPG Maker adventure game originally released in July 2016. This update, Version 1.5, has been created in celebration of its third anniversary. It contains all new music, updated dialogue, and significant gameplay improvements.

For the optimal experience, please play this game in a well-lit room with a warm cup of tea at hand.

The following translations are also available courtesy of some very kind volunteers. At present, these are all for the original 2016 version of the game.

The game's French translation was contributed by Apolline Descy.


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Red Trees (EN).zip 223 MB
Red Trees (FR).zip 225 MB
Red Trees Mini Art Book + Art Collection.zip (contains spoilers!) 16 MB
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Seems cute, wasn't able to get past the opening text as I play with WASD, but if there is ever an update that includes support for WASD/Mouse I would be down to try again. Keep up the good work.


very cute game! short but so cute and interesting!


this is really sweet and heartwarming game! the art is very cozy and warm, and the music reflects that too. it was a lovely adventure!

Summary: Awwwwww!!!!!!!!

This game is so sweet!

such a good game!!

totally recommend :)

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I love the game so much! I also loved the moral of the story, Btw I bought the Red Trees EN and it took me 2 days to complete. Also, can you guys let me know how to solve the cat, bunny, and flowers riddle? At the forest?

I really like the story, especially the moral message it conveys. The art is also good and pleasing to the eye. Overall is good. I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

Adorable art style and cute story! Even though its short, you wont regret downloading this free game if you like retro styled cute things like this.

Me encanto el juego no es super largo como algunos otros que eh jugado pero esta muy bien hecho y me encanto el final <D

Is there a way to extract the music?

If you go to the folder where you extracted the game you'll find all of the music in /Data/Audio/BGM/. The tracks with names that don't start with capital letters are the tracks from the game.


Every item has cute flavor text, 10/10. 
Red Trees isn't as heavy and emotional as some of Caramel's other stuff, but it is a good deal longer, and it's incredibly charming to boot. Also I want to pinch the cheeks of this artstyle.


it looks like the type of game i'd play and i was really excited when it finished downloading. but the thing is, i scanned it before unzipping on virustotal and i got 1 thing that got flagged "Zoner Probably Heur.ExeHeaderH" am i the only one who has experienced this?

hey did you download it  yet ?? 

please answer !! 

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Heur.ExeHeaderH on virus total says Ad-Aware on my download also, i check both the art book and the game. I did not open any of the files!!! Just dragged them to virus total and did a microsoft defender scan. 

Only the game seems infected, the art book is clean, but only virus total found the @virus. Its strange how the other comments dont mention this. 

Sucks since the game seemed to have a nice art style, i deleted my files instead. Not worth the risk.


RPG Maker games have a long tendency of throwing up false positives with certain antiviruses, it is not unique to Red Trees and is common among all games made with this engine. See: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rpg-maker-mv-virus.66938/

Game has otherwise been sitting comfy on itch.io since 2016 without issue. You're fine.


I can assure you that the game does not contain any viruses or malicious software. I just went to check for myself, as it's not something I have used before, and VirusTotal is a service which aggregates over 60 different antivirus services and scans the uploaded file with each one individually. In the case of Red Trees, only one of these 60+ services throws up a warning for potentially malicious software. This indicates a false positive. In the case of truly malicious software you would be looking for detection across the board from several different services.

False positives are not uncommon for games made in this engine (RPG Maker) and more broadly for all sorts of software being scanned through VirusTotal. VT even say so themselves and offer an entire paid service for developers looking to mitigate the risk of false positives.


this is very relieving to know since i really want to play this ahahaha thank you so much for replying and to the others as well!! i'll definitely try out the game now~ :D


I LOVED THIS GAME! I really hope you do a lot lot more. HONESTLY, I gushed the entire time I played it. the limited color palette and a simple but heartfelt story, it was so good. I do wish it was longer than it is just so i could just some more but it really was wonderful. 

i was expecting it to become something scary but in the end it was still super cute, i love the character designs and the art is adorable i love this game so much<3

a lovely experience! the art was adorable, the story was charming, the music was pleasing. i will be buying the mini art book and art collection at some point, likely in november after an upcoming trip ^^ but maybe sooner! who knows


awesome and compact!

Muito bom mas devo admitir que gastei um belo tempo descobrir que itens tinha que dá pra cada personagem. Se quiser da uma conferida nos momentos iniciais, está aqui

I absolutly adored the art style, the plot of the game was different to what I'm used to and it was really refreshing. 

Loved the story, script, art style, all of it really, and I do agree playing this game with a warm drink will give you the best experience. ^-^ /

this was just lovely <3

oh this was incredibly sweet. the dialogue and the item descriptions were cute and interesting ! the overall story is very heart-warming. i see all the queer rep !! thanks for sharing this with us xx

Just finished the game, and I sincerely loved it so much! First off, the color palette and overall vibe was so fun and beautiful to look at! The music! So cute and endearing, and the gameplay was so fun! I loved getting to know all of the townspeople and the ending really took me by surprise! Thank you for such a cute and fun experience!

Amazing storyline, cute art, I really like the concept of this game, it is unique and addicting! 10/10 on art, 10/10 on storyline. 9/10 controls (maybe make the controls customizable so we could use wasd for moving and space for interactions) OVERALL 9/10 NICE CUTE GAME!!


A great game that had an ending that I didn't suspect. Lots of charming characters and I loved the art style.

I really love the colour of this game. It's not overly colourful but it is very eye-catching for some reason. I also love the subversion of expectation at the end. All the characters had a certain charm to it and the interactions were great. Loved it overall. red trees/10 :)

¿Qué pasó con la traducción al español? :(

Creo que cerraron la pagina

sweet! i love stories that take a different route like this when it comes to the "antagonist" :)

cute designs & sfx too! well-implemented fetch quests that never made me feel lost.

hey! i played this and LOVED it! can someone tell me what games are like this? I just loved it that much xd!

you should try looking at other rpg maker games on here

Thank you!

Hello I was Playing Red trees and it doesn't make me move, can someone please tell me what keys do I have to press to move? thanks if you're gonna answer! 

i really loved the game so smooth

Ik everyone says this but it's super super cute. I loved the little comedy elements when you checked the details of the items and explore stuff around the town. A pity it wasn't longer.

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ahhhh this is soo adorbs!! i cannot express how much i admire the music and pixel artstyle!! the main characters are wholesome as heck, i rlly love this ^v^ 


i also appreciated the subtle lgbt rep and romantic tones between some of the chrs like coco & nana, felix & colin, etc. i think teeth and artemis are the cutest together! btw, clever of you naming the twins apollo and artemis heh <3

This was a really nice game given the subject matter. The twist was especially unexpected and cute. Great work on the game!

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Already finished the game. Its a very nice and warm game. i liked it a lot.

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this game is absolutely beautiful and I created an itch.io account just to say that the music is outstanding and this game is definitely worth your time and I recommend  it and really enjoyed it

how can i make the game fullscreen?



right click the window and go to properties 

i had an amazing time playing this! really fun and clever game, i plan on picking up the mini artbook when i get the chance =)

can you make a mac version?

can I get a tutorial from any one...? I’m stuck -_-

Where are you stuck?

such a cute game with a lovely vibe <3 but if im being honest im to pea brained for it, its so hard when you have no idea what you're doing

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