Idle talk between a pair of people on a road trip to Pluto.

Note: if there's no music you may need to click inside of the frame to get it to play.

bitsy by Adam Le Doux
javascript dialog and transparent sprites hacks by Sean LeBlanc
image to bitsy by ruin

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Experimental, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Short, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


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Striking, beautiful art, and a well-executed plotline. The endings moral hit home for me, since I struggle with constantly wanting to escape or leave my current situation instead of standing my ground and acknowledging what's wrong. I loved everything about it :)

I loved it. Short but beautiful.

this genuinely made me very emotional, thank you.

This was very cute, so glad I found this game!

welp that did a little jump start on my heart, thank you for this


Excellent. The music and art really help set the tone. 


A pretty magical bit of framing on some pretty difficult, potentially scary stuff. 


so! beautiful! i am full of emotion


give me the spun glass body


i don't usually post comments, but the 10 minutes i spent with this game was really special. the narrative really resonated with me as a trans person, and i feel a little braver because of it. this is easily one of my favorite vns i've ever played, thank you for making it. 


excellent game! it's amazing what was made with just 3 images, 2 colors, and 1 song. overall great game and presentation, but i'm not surprised given who made it


This was adorable and surprisingly deep--thanks for the experience! Keep it up!

I loved the aesthetic of this and the music, considering the length the story is also extremely good

Super great.  Both melancholic and cute, with well written, organic dialog. And given the short length of your story and the minimal setting, you managed to show an expanded world filled with anecdotes and that's super impressive. 


Wow! What a great little story! Amazing job hacking the image to be extra wide. I really loved your minimal use of color which reflects the trans themes  that your story explores.


E X T R E M E L Y   A E S T H E T I C

I loved this. The dialog, the music, the art, the setting. It all came together and made something really cute.



~*gunna get myself a new boooody*~
~*gunna see those saturny riiiings*~

i love it..... ~(  TT o TT  )~ 



The art and colors are absolutely gorgeous!! did you make the Bitsy canvas size larger all by hand? That's a lot of work!!!! 🤯


thank you so much! everyone is too kind. ;_;

yes, I had to edit a few places in the game file where the canvas/map size is set and then manually add in all the tiles to the right of where a default-sized bitsy room would usually end. increasing the resolution like that seems like it might break a few things, but fortunately none of it is noticeable in a game like this!


wow!!!!!!!!!! this is so good!! your art is gorgeous and the narrative really made me curious about the world! just WOW <3






Beautiful, well done guys.

The music and graphics are so pretty! I loved the story too! It's amazing how much you can convey in a single conversation